Competition on the Faroe Islands

14. maj 2021

On the Faroe Islands life is very little affected by Corona - everyday life is normal and events are back with allowed crowds up to 500 people.

Taekwondo need some competition - so we would like to try this in the sommerholidays.

We would like to host a competition from the 8th to the 10th of July this year.

Our initial thoughts are that the guests, competitors and others will arrive here on July 4th.

Regarding Covid

All who arrive to the Faroe Islands must show a 72 hour negative test at the outgoing airport to the Faroe Islands, most like Copenhagen or Billund. Upon arrival another Covid test is required. The result of this test will be available within a few hours.

All who arrive are required to self isolate for 4 days, hence the proposed date. This is not an actual requirement by law, but if breached the competition and us will have a damaged reputation.

We will then arrange a “bubble” where teams are divided in teams/ country and will spend the next following 4 days together. Outside leisure time is of course allowed, but this must be managed by the host. These 4 days are planned as a “training camp” we imagine. On the 5. day (July 9th) another Covid test is required, and if tested negative this person if free to mix with the population and of course compete in the competition.

Plans for the competition

We aim for the competition to be on the 8th- (cadets) , 9th (Juniors) and 10th (seniors) of July. These dates are set in order to give all who are coming freedom to arrive earlier and/ or leave later as an extended holiday.


We are in contact with a professional events company that has agreed to assist us in all things related to the competition, travel, logistical and covid arrangements.

The price will be around 8000kr alltogether

Best Regards


Noomi kunoy Heradottir

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