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15. januar 2020

In 2021, the WT Coach licence will be mandatory and this licence will replace the WTE Coach Licence.

The WT Coach licence replaces the WTE Coach Licence as per 1-1-2021. In 2020 you still need the WTE Coach licence to coach at WTE promoted and sanctioned events.

In this Q&A you will find all relevant information for you as coach. If you still have questions, please send an email to [email protected] and you will receive an answer within one week. All questions and answers will be published as well.

Q: How does the new WT Coach licence system work?

A: WT developed a 3-tier coach certification course structure. Level 1 coaches can coach at all WT recognized international competitions including Continental Championships, G1 and G2 events. Level 2 coaches can coach at WT Promoted Championships such as WT World Championships (Senior, Junior, Cadet, Poomsae and Beach), WT Grand Prix and WT GrandSlam.

Level 3 coaches are the top-level coaches and are eligible to coach at Olympic Games and Youth Olympic Games.

Q: Do I need training for the new WT licence?

A: Yes, you do. Currently, WT and WTE are scheduling a number of courses throughout Europe. The idea is to educate all coaches at the most local level and in the local language: we want to organize the seminars in almost all European countries to keep the travel and accommodation expenses as low as possible and prevent coaches from travelling to attend a course.

Q: Where can I register for the WT Coach courses?

A: The registration process for the WT Coach courses goes via the WT Portal: https://worldtkd.simplycompete.com. For all WT Coach courses in Europe, you can register via the abovementioned link. The WT Coach course is listed as a regular event on the website.

Q: Do I need to go to a WT Coach Course every 2years?

A: Currently, WT is working on online educational content. The courses provide useful information and are of high educational value. It is therefore recommended to follow these courses, at least one for every 2 years. As the courses will be offered as local as possible, the financial burden should be minimized. More information on refresher course shall be provided by WT in duetime.

Q: What are the costs of a WT Coach licence?

A: Level 1: 200 euro

Level 2: 300euro

Level 3: to be determined

Q: What is the validity of the WT Coach licence?

A: All WT Coach licences have a validity of 2 years and can be renewed for 2 years each time.

Q: Who will teach the WT Coach courses?

A: A total of 38 Educators have been trained by WT to teach the WT Coach courses. Among them are the best International Referees, Olympic coaches, officials and other highly qualified persons with a profound knowledge and experience in Taekwondo. The Educators speak local languages and will be dispatched worldwide visiting different countries and sharing their experiences during the courses.

Q: What do I do with my WTE Coach licence?

A: The WT Coach licence replaces the WTE Coach Licence as per1-1-2021.

Throughout 2020 you still need the WTE Coach licence to coach at WTE promoted and sanctioned events.

Q: My WTE Coach licence expired in 2019 and I have no new one yet.

What do Ido?

A: Attend a WT Coach course. After attending the course, you can coach at all events in 2020. As per 2021 the WT Coach rules and regulations enter into force.

Q: My WTE Coach licence is valid till mid 2020. What do I do?

A: If your licence is valid until mid 2020, you can either attend a WT Coach course or renew your WTE Coach licence for the remaining months of 2020. Per 1-1-2021, all WTE licences will be replaced by the WT Licence and you need to have a valid WT Coach licence as per that date.

Q: The WTE website for renewal is closed.

How can I renew my WTE Licence for 2020?

A: WTE encourages everybody to start already in 2020 with following the WT Coach courses. If you nonetheless want to replace your WTE Coach licence, please send an email with the following information to [email protected]:

1. Name

2. Date of birth

3. GOL number

Q: My WTE Coach licence is valid till after 1-1-2021. What do Ido?

A: A small group of coaches have previously renewed their WTE Coach licence beyond the date of 1-1-2021. For those coaches concerned, WTE is in discussion with WT to find a solution.

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